NEW ORLEANS -- Sifting through one pill after another of her medication, Gretna resident Zander Hill knows how important it is not to miss a day. It is a matter of life and death.

"I'm afraid that without those two pills, for HIV, I probably won't be here long...cause medication is very very important," Hill said.

Living with HIV and being on disability, Hill depends on the Affordable Care Act. Hill does not have to worry about co-pays and expensive fees. Now, she fears what could happen if the law gets stripped away.

"For a year, it would cost over $20,000 to $30,000 just for me to get medications," Hill said.

Senate Republicans plan on voting on whether to repeal the Affordable Care Act. It is a move President Donald Trump is asking fellow Republicans to stand behind.

"We need virtually every single vote from Republicans, not easy to do," President Trump said.

Louisiana Senator John Kennedy strongly supports repealing Obamacare.

"First chance I get to repeal Obamacare I'm going to do it," Senator Kennedy stated on Eyewitness News.

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Dr. Jason Halperin, a physician at Crescent Care Health says many of his patients come into his office terrified about losing their coverage. Dr. Halperin believes the Affordable Care Act is a great start and could use some improvement, but he also feels the solutions being suggested right now in the senate would harm not just his patients, but thousands of people throughout the state.

"There are definitely problems with the Affordable Care Act. The marketplace has seen increased premiums, increased deductibles. We need to find fixes. And there are recommend solutions. Just taking away coverage and decreasing Medicaid, which can costs the State of Louisiana almost 700 million not good for us," Dr. Halperin said.

Hill worries about tomorrow's outcome. She hopes lawmakers seriously consider how their vote could affect her life.

"The people matter, the people count. And that's what's important. We need healthcare. Without healthcare...United States will not survive it," Hill said.