NEW ORLEANS – Some LSU fans turned their tailgate for the BYU game into a hurricane fundraiser.

Katie Sample and her husband Jonathan wanted to help after Harvey hit Houston hard, which is where the Tigers would have played but the game was moved to the Superdome.

In order to raise money, the couple sold red bean plates, crawfish pasta, cookies, soft drinks and even sold raffle tickets on hot items like an autographed Saints helmet.

"Last year we were all affected by the flood in Baton Rouge, and in the past, before that, we were impacted by Hurricane Katrina. We know how hard it is when people need assistance," Sample said.

Jonathan Sample that he felt compelled to help as he knows what it is like to be affected by a hurricane.

“We were planning on going to the game anyway. We had hotel reservations, we had game tickets, we were ready to rock and roll and then this happened. We were 100 percent affected by Katrina. You have to do something. We need to help we need to help and take action,” Jonathan Sample said.

Many Tiger fans supported the couple’s effort.

"I think it's awesome they helped the victims in Texas" one supporter said.

Money raised by the fundraiser went to Samaritan’s Purse. The Samples said they had a goal of reaching $1,000 and were able to reach that goal well before the game started.