MANDEVILLE, La. -- Both LSU and Tulane are scheduled to play football games in Florida this weekend.

LSU against Florida in Gainesville Saturday morning; Tulane against the University of Central Florida in Orlando Friday night.

Mike's Den in Mandeville is gearing up for the LSU apparel rush that usually comes in at the end of the week, as families finalize their game day tailgating plans.

This week, store owner P.J. Lailhengue's personal tailgating plans involve waving goodbye to his wife when she heads to Gainsville to see the game in person.

"Of course we have to represent, purple and gold wherever we go," he said, "In my opinion, it's the best tailgating in college football."

As with any trip, weather reports rule the packing list and Hurricane Matthew's uncertain path has certainly caught many fans' attention. But Lailhengue says the storm's threat won't ruin his family's plans.

"It's not a decision that we'll make," he said, "We're going if the game takes place, it's just whether or not the game takes place in Gainsville or Baton Rouge."

John Richard, who's an LSU fan with decades of Florida living under his belt, says if the game stays in Gainsville, he doesn't think it'll affect turnout from either team.

"You know you've gotta go support the Gators and you've gotta go support LSU. So I think the stands will be filled, I think people will enjoy themselves and go LSU," he said.

And while fans are watching for the worst, they're definitely preparing and hoping for the best.

"Hey, we're used to hurricanes down here in south Louisiana," said Lailhengue, "So I don't think it'll be anything out of the ordinary and hopefully that this storm stays off the coast and won't be an impact at all."

While, as of news time Tuesday evening, Gator officials say the game is still same time, day and location, just for reference, when the LSU-South Carolina match-up was moved to Tiger Stadium last year, due to flooding, the change was made official at Noon that Wednesday.