BATON ROUGE -- After the death of LSU freshman, Max Gruver, students are now taking a stand against hazing.

An 'Anti-Hazing Rally' took place on campus Thursday where students took a pledge to prevent hazing.

"Stand up for what's right," one student said.

"We need to take action today," another student leader said.

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It comes as officials investigate the death of Gruver, who died in a potential hazing incident at Phi Delta Theta Fraternity. A preliminary report showed Gruver to have THC and elevated levels of alcohol in his system.

At college campuses across the nation, it's also Anti-Hazing Week, so some felt it was a good time to address the issue.

"We must all stand together united against hazing," said student body president, Jason Badeaux.

The goal was to start a conversation about what some call a tradition. One student addressed the crowd saying "hazing is not an exclusively Greek issue."

As several school leaders spoke, their message was clear: protect one another.

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"It demeans an individual, it demeans that person's right as a person and it's unacceptable on campus," Badeaux said.

Before the rally's end, students took a pledge. And with purple and gold paint, they signed four large banners that read "We are tigers against hazing." The banners will be displayed outside by the Student Union for all to see.

"It's a symbol to the university and the world that they don't stand for hazing," said student body Vice President, Leah Sanders.