A man accused of stealing a large amount of copper wire from an Entergy substation, causing widespread power outages in June, was arrested Monday.

Ricky Telsede, 32, was booked on unauthorized entry of critical infrastructure, theft of goods, theft of copper and theft of utility property. He was also booked on domestic abuse battery charges.

In July, New Orleans Police identified Telsede as the suspect who stole copper wire from an Entergy substation in the 1800 block of Julia Street on June 29.

An Entergy employee told police that a hole had been cut into the chain-link fence around the substation and that between three and five feet of iron and copper wire was stolen from 21 breaker boxes, 20 tower legs and three transformers. Police say the wire was cut with an unknown device.

Engineers were forced to cut power to several parts of the city to make repairs. The outage affected nearly 5,000 customers in parts of the French Quarter, Central Business District, Mid-City, Broadmoor and Central City, frustrating Entergy New Orleans and businesses unable to feed people during the busy lunch hour.

Police say officers received an anonymous tip claiming that the wire was stolen by a homeless man living in a lot near the substation. After further investigation, police identified Telsede as a suspect in the case.