NEW ORLEANS – A man who was beaten and robbed in the French Quarter while in town for a bachelor party with his brother had an emotional return home after recovering in the hospital for weeks.

Kevin Guin, 33 years old from Virginia, was in New Orleans when he says two men attacked him, robbed him and hit him in the head with a baseball bat after he left the Cats Meow to go back to the hotel on September 14.

Guin’s brother, Jason, said he tried calling Kevin several times after he left but could not reach him. He was contacted by detectives the next morning stating that Kevin was in the ICU and had to have emergency surgery following the attack. He had 31 staples placed in his head.

NOPD said an officer was flagged down by a witness in the 500 block of Dumaine Street to find Guin with a black man leaning over him, going through his pockets while he was on the ground suffering from a head injury.

Following the attack, Guin said that he could not feel or move his arm. Three weeks later, Kevin Guin finally returned home.

"Amazing...Amazing. I've waited long and hard,” Guin said.

Guin was not expected to return home for six weeks, but he was able to cut that time in half with a lot of physical therapy.

“A lot of rehab. Just working hard to get home to my girls and it's been a lot of work. A lot of work to get back to semi-normal,” Guin said.

Guin’s father, who retired in August, stayed with Kevin the last two weeks while he was recovering in the hospital.

"Every day I saw a little bit more movement in his hand. I saw his leg getting better. The knee brace came and he was walking. They were going to wheel him today from there and he said 'No, I'm walking,” Guin’s father said.

Guin said he “pushed through a lot pain” to return home to his wife and daughter.

“A lot of long nights, but I'm glad to be home,” he said.

The New Orleans Police Department said detectives were originally investigating the incident as an attempted armed robbery and reclassified the crime as an armed robbery. No arrests have been made as of this post.