LIVINGSTON PARISH -- The man suspected of beating and strangling a massage therapist last month has been charged in her death.

A Livingston Parish grand jury on Tuesday handed up the second-degree murder indictment against Christopher Landry.

Landry, 25, is accused of killing 24-year-old Kayla Ann Denham.

Her body was found June 5 in a barn near where she told her boyfriend she had an appointment scheduled, authorities have said.

Landry’s arraignment is set for July 24.

According to an arrest report, Denham texted her boyfriend before the appointment and asked him to keep his phone on because she had a “bad feeling” about the meeting.

She was dead a short time later.

Investigators allege Landry beat Denham with a pipe and strangled her before dragging her lifeless body to a barn behind the home where they met. Landry told investigators the massage included a “sexual favor.”

Once inside, Landry reportedly told investigators, Denham “performed her duties” and Landry went to use the bathroom.

He told investigators he saw Denham grab his computer bag with his wallet in it, at which point the two began to fight.

Sheriff Jason Ard, though, has cautioned that Landry's words aren't to be trusted.

"The victim cannot speak for herself. We must rely on evidence to find the truth," Ard said the day the warrant for Landry’s arrest was released. "At this point in our investigation, I am going to tell you that based on the evidence we've collected up until now, the suspect's version of what happened is not fully supported by what we've uncovered"