NEW ORLEANS -- Following a frightening high-speed chase and crash in the CBD, a local attorney discovered that it was his stolen car State Police were chasing.

The crash happened Thursday afternoon on St. Charles Avenue near Lee Circle.

Henry Julien Jr. received a call from his daughter, Tiffany Julien, who works across the street from the crash site.

"She called me up and said , 'Daddy I have good news and bad news." Julien said, "The good news is I know where your car is. The bad new is it's been wrecked."

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Like many of her coworkers, Tiffany Julien wanted to see what all the fuss was about outside.

"They just thought I was chatting and I told them later, I said 'No. This is like my father's car!'" Tiffany Julien said.

Last week Henry Julien reported his car stolen after waking up to find it missing. The suspects allegedly broke into his wife's car, stealing the spare keys to his Dodge Charger.

Henry Julien has lived in his neighborhood for 30 years. He says the crime is progressively getting worse.

"Unfortunately for those young people, crime is a problem," he said. "A couple of days ago I had a girl pull a gun on me right there on the side of my house."

A 15-year old-girl is now in custody after the chase. Police are looking for two other teens involved in the chase.

Henry Julien, who is a defense attorney, wishes more could be done to help young people find an alternative to a life of crime.

"I represented guys who were involved in the 39ers murder and drug case. Which, you know. was all over the news. Where a bunch of people got life in prison for murder and drugs. And so I see all these young people going the wrong way," he said. "It's just unfortunate."