METAIRIE -- A Jefferson Parish attorney is beginning the process of trying to remove Parish President Mike Yenni from office.

Robert Evans, an attorney from Metairie, is filing a recall petition with Secretary of State Tom Schedler Wednesday. Evans in a statement said Yenni 'is married yet seeking intimacy from young men."

At a later press conference, Evans said he is committing $100,000 of his own money to the recall movement. He added that a website - - which has yet to be launched coulc make easier to get the required number of signatures.

Evans' filing comes in the wake of scandal in which a WWL-TV investigative report revealed that the FBI was investigating allegations of improper texts sent to a then 17-year-old young man.

"Mr. Evans believes that Yenni's recently admitted sexual texting with a seventeen-year-old man and other lewd suggestions constitute outrageous, immoral and totally unacceptable behavior and that Yenni is unfit for office," said a statement from Evan's law firm.

Yenni has resisted calls for his resignation from elected officials including the entire Jefferson Parish Council and Sheriff Newell Normand.

"I have read with humility your request for my resignation. While I understand your position and your concerns, I have and will continue to dutifully perform the obligations of the Office of Parish President," he said.

"As I noted in my statement, my actions are regrettable, and I am penitent. I have accepted responsibility for my poor judgment, and I apologized publicly to all parties involved." Yenni said. "I did not violate any laws, I have not been contacted by any investigatory agency, especially the FBI, regarding this allegation."

With Yenni's refusal to resign, even with a many parish officials calling for him to step down, "commands us all to rise together and coordinate this recall for the people of Jefferson and the state of Louisiana," said Evans.

He has 180 days to collect 95,000 signatures for the recall.