NEW ORLEANS -- The daughter of a former mayoral candidate is expected to walk again after being hit by a drunk driver coming home from her father's election night party.

According to Michael Bagneris' campaign, his daughter Mia faced five surgeries in the days after Oct. 14, where she was hit in front of her home by a drunk driver as she was getting out of a car. She reportedly had a broken leg, a shattered pelvis, internal bleeding and head injuries.

A statement from the campaign said Mia faced an infection earlier in the week, but the setback was minor. It also stated she is expected to walk again and there was no spinal damage. However, the family is unsure of Mia's long-term recovery outcomes.

A gofundme account has been set up to help pay medical expenses. Bagneris has children, and will require extensive rehabilitation.

She is listed as a Tulane professor of Art History on the school's web site.