NEW ORLEANS - It has been five days since five people were shot outside a party on Tulane Avenue and Blake Cressey has a lot on her plate.

Cressey’s restaurant, “Tasty Treat,” rents space in the same building as the Mid-City Event Center. That is the same place slapped with code and electricity violations after three people died in a shooting Saturday morning.

Now, the 28-year-old entrepreneur walks into an empty, dark space that was her dream, a space that would normally be bustling with hungry patrons eating her crawfish fries.

“This is our everyday lives. This is how me and my family, you know, this is how we survive,” Cressey said. “So right now, it’s affecting everyone and this was even my kid’s summer jobs.”

With the electricity off, Cressey is saving her investment in food with the help of her neighbors. She knows it will take a while for the landlord to get the building up to code, so she is thinking of going back to business out of her food truck.

Cressey said she is worried about crime in the area. Today, six police cars were next door as officer executed a narcotics search warrant, separate from the weekend’s triple murder. At the same time, she is worried that extra police, who are trying to deter and solve the growing crime, would also signal to potential customers that it is a bad neighborhood.

“Something needs to be done, and that’s when we have to come together and figure out what we’re going to do,” Cressey said.

But the families getting ready to bury three young men weigh the heaviest on her heart.

“It’s sad that a mother has to lose her child from gun violence, you know,” Cressey said. “Coming to a party, you’re thinking that they’re coming to have fun and it ends in violence. It’s sad.”