NEW ORLEANS -- Nearly two days after severe flooding in Mid-City hundreds of residents are still drying out.

"It went to waist high right in front it was crazy," said Tracy Alonzo.

Alonzo owns Orleans Sheet Metal Works, and she showed us the pictures from Saturday, knee high water covered the entire shop on Orleans Avenue, near Broad Street.

This Monday, the family is working hard to clear out all the damaged equipment and materials from the shop.

"We can't do anything for our jobs," she said.

Her family has been making roofs and other designs for decades, and this water damage brought back memories of Katrina.

"When I walked in I saw the water; the tears came to the eyes, it brought back that feeling of helplessness," said Alonzo.

So far some customers have been understanding about delays, giving Alonzo more time to fulfill orders. But she's not sure how long that will last.

Over at Mid-City Service Station, Mark Boudreaux has had to open up to work on flooded cars, even though clean up isn't completely done.

"We had cars come in yesterday, we also had cars come in when we weren't here, and we have cars here that we don't even know who they are for," he said.

And down the street from the service station, residents were still drying out.

"It's a muddy mess, and it's nasty, the water was up to here," said Denise DiMario as she showed us the water line was at her hip. She says she's been living in her home for ten years, and even after Hurricane Isaac, her place has never flooded this bad.

"If we didn't bucket it out, we'd still be standing here in it," said DiMario.

She says everything is destroyed, and she doesn't know what to do because she's on a limited income, she wants to know what her elected officials are going to do, to help people like her.

"I have no resources. I need someone to help me to buy the belongings that I need to clean up and to do something," she said.

In the meantime, a lot of folks around Mid-City are just hoping that the rain stays away long enough for their possessions to dry out.