NEW ORLEANS -- The Confederate monuments issue has many people in the city divided.

However, Thursday after the removal of the Jefferson Davis statue, those living in the area said they agree on one thing- they're glad it's over.

"I came out to watch a little bit of what's going on, I'd heard it came down last night and I wanted to see what it looked like this morning,” resident Carrie Craven said.

Some residents found the process to be a waste of time.

"It was made into a big deal because it was brought to the forefront where there are other things in the city that are more concerning than a statue,” resident Angela Bustamanti said.

Others said taking down the statue is an improvement to the neighborhood.

"It's a big deal and I'm glad it's happening,” Craven said. “I think it's long overdue and ultimately we'll look back and citizens will look back and realize we we're on the right side of history."

Those who believe this is erasing history still stood by their camp Thursday, even after the monument was gone. They’re planning what to do next.

"We've actually been having what we call monument watches at all 3 monuments,” supporter George Peterson said. “It's not just camped out or protesting, what we've been doing is observe and report."

They said they aren't leaving.

"We'll be here until the last monument is down," Peterson said.

Still, residents said they’re relieved everyone else has moved on.

"It just went on a little too long," Bustamanti said.