NEW ORLEANS -- It's a remark by Donald Trump before he became president, now it's painted on the side of a local building, and it has some wondering if it should come down.

"I saw (the artist) doing it and at first I thought it was interesting," Skye Dashner said.

Residents in the Milan neighborhood are scratching their heads at a mural that was put up by artist "Cashy D" Saturday.

It's an illustration of a comment made by Donald Trump back in 2005 that came to light during his presidential campaign. Most of it is crude, and the last line is the infamous grab her by the you-know-what.

"When I heard Trump say that on TV you know you know it's demeaning," Jacqueline Perry explained.

She can see the mural right outside her door.

"The picture of the breasts, you know we have kids here," Perry noted. "It's where the school bus comes by."

Perry would rather not see the mural stay up, but others are indifferent.

"If someone wants to put up a statement or a piece of art on their property I guess they're welcomed to," Ken Rhoades said.

The owner of the building is Neal Morris, who is currently in London, said he just wanted something cool.

"Cashy is political and I view my role as giving artists a platform. When he told me the concept I thought it was simple and brilliant. Why is it okay for the President of the United States to actually say the vulgar words and treat women this way but a piece of art that quotes the president and uses cartoon pictures instead of the vulgarities is somehow offensive?"

"As far as exercising his First Amendment rights, I think he should have done it in his neighborhood," Perry said.

But the city has rules for murals. They must be approved. Morris told us, he does not have a permit and has received a notice of violation. And with that, more debate.

As to whether this mural will come down, Morris says, we'll have to wait and see.