NEW ORLEANS -- Some Bywater residents were not aware of military training until they woke up to the sounds of machine gunfire, helicopters, and explosions going off.

Kevin Hecht is one of the residents who is used to the training around the area.

“It's pretty dramatic. If you know it's going on and you aren't trying to get some work done it's kind of fun. If you don't know it's going on, it can create a little bit of a panic,” Kevin said.

The city announced there will be training around here for the next two weeks. If you live in the Bywater, Marigny, Upper Ninth Ward, Holy Cross, Lower Ninth Ward or St. Claude prepare for a barrage of noise.

“You just hear a lot of air activity, I think we have heard some explosions, and it just sounds like an invasion is going on basically,” Hecht said.

The training will use choppers, boats, and Pyrotechnics. John Franco lives in the Bywater and the first time he heard it, he was taken aback.

“When I first moved here I was closer to the barracks, and yeah, there were a couple times that something was going on and a neighbor was like, this is just the military,” Franco said.

He says he is a military veteran and says it does not bother him at all. Kevin says he does not mind as long as he knows it is just training that is taking place.

“Once you are aware of what's going on it's kinda like fireworks going off or something like that. You can appreciate it or tolerate it, without the fear, that we are safe here and it's our guys, just doing some practice,” Kevin said.

The city said the training will be happening from Nov. 5 until Nov. 20. The location or times of the training will not be released.