Cindy Lassai says her entire life changed in an instant when she lost her youngest son, Mylan Lassai.

Mylan was shot and killed on September 28th in the 7th Ward. Four men were shot but Mylan was the only one who died.

"It's still not real. I still expect to see him come through the door. I still expect him to say, 'Good morning.' I still expect him to come in and feed the dog. I still expect him to come in and give me a hug," said Cindy. "I can't question God's will but it was like he was stolen from me."

The day after Mylan was killed on the corner of N. Rocheblave and Allen streets, shots were fired about two blocks away. New Orleans police say a 25-year-old man was shot. Cindy says she doesn't know if Friday's shooting was in retaliation and she doesn't care. The 41-year-old mother says the only thing that concerns her is that she's gone from two sons-- to one.

"When they're shooting they don't realize there are other victims. You may have killed one but how many other people are you effecting? That's what they don't realize. I have to live with this pain every day."

Cindy says she's tired of the gun violence and wouldn't wish the pain she's feeling on anybody else. She said when Mylan walked out the house on Thursday, she never thought that'd be the last time she saw her youngest son alive.

"I had cooked some French fries and I asked him if he wanted some and he said, 'no when I come back inside I'll get them' and my baby never came back," said Cindy.

New Orleans police say the shooting investigation is ongoing. NOPD has not released any information on suspects or a motive.