While the entire Jefferson Parish Council and Sheriff are calling for JP President Mike Yenni's resignation due to a sexting scandal first reported here on WWL-TV, a Kenner councilman wants another investigation in addition to an FBI probe already underway.

Some also say this investigation is being talked about more than the upcoming presidential election.

“I think that it's our responsibility to find out to look into that and to do a thorough investigation,” said Kenner City Councilman Gregory Carroll.

He is calling for Yenni’s resignation and also an investigation of Kenner’s Youth Advisory Council.

Carroll, who is running for Kenner's mayor, says he wants to be absolutely sure that Yenni, then mayor of Kenner, did not inappropriately interact with participants chosen by him.

“What was kind of appalling was that he did not do anything to abuse his powers as an elected official, so he must have a low threshold because it is not only our fuduciary duties, but more importantly our morals and ethic duties to the citizens of Jefferson Parish,” said Carroll.

Yenni quickly responded to Carroll's request; making it his first statement since airing a 60 second commercial about the sexting scandal.
The statement read: “I support Councilman Carroll's willingness to talk to the participants in the Youth Advisory Committee.”

All seven Jefferson Parish Councilmembers and the Sheriff have demanded Yenni’s resignation.

Since Yenni says he won’t resign, the council has a couple of options; one being a recall. If the recall petition is able to garner 90 to 100,000 signatures of registered voters, it would clear the first hurdle, before the registrar of voters, and then the governor’s office.

“If he insists on not resigning, his first and I predict only term as president of Jefferson Parish, will be like the second term of Ray Nagin at City Hall in New Orleans. He will be under constant seize. There will be zero trust and confidence in his leadership,” said Clancy Dubos, Eyewitness News Political Analyst / Gambit.

The council also has the authority to investigate the "conduct" of public agencies of offices, including any person in service of the parish. They can also require production of written evidence which should include texts. Failure to comply is a misdemeanor.

Yenni has yet to respond in person to those calling for his resignation. He says he has been deployed to Virginia as part of the Naval Reserve's hurricane recovery.