NEW ORLEANS -- Esplanade Avenue has sprung a serious leak.

Conditions on Esplanade from North Claiborne to North Miro are wet and it's not because of an isolated storm.

"You just washed your car and all this water and all this water coming up here and throwing up this muddy water," Michael Jones, a resident nearby said.

Those who live in the area say it's been like that for about a month.

"It's on both sides, it's draining, and then the leaves build up," Colette Hill another resident said.

Water bubbling up from a sewer cover is particularly noticeable at North Prieur Street where drivers and bicyclists have a hard time dodging the water. And for people walking along the street, some tell Eyewitness News they cannot cross without getting wet.

"I started noticing it after the second flood," Blake Brodhead said.

Brodhead lives near North Prieur.

"Somebody was telling me that they maybe trying to flush out the sewer system," Brodhead added.

We contacted the Sewerage and Water Board, have learned, the leaks are not intentional.

The leak at North Prieur is from an "inlet service water leak from a large water meter."

The one near North Miro Street is because of a "24-inch water valve leak that needs to be replaced."

And the one by North Claiborne was just recently reported. In all cases, the board says it's working on repairs, and have yet to determine why it seems the leaks have surfaced around the same time.

"It shouldn't be leaking like this, this should be fixed," Jones exclaimed.

Residents fear if the water flow continues, it could lead to bigger problems.

"There could be a big sinkhole that happens like it did on Canal Street. Then there's a whole street shutdown," Hill brought up.