NEW ORLEANS -- It started with a Facebook post.

"I was like, I'm going to give it a go even if it doesn't get anywhere," said Yesenia Lockhart.

Lackhart posted two of the photos that she and her daughter, Dania, found on the ground near the Rouses downtown. Memories, Lockhart says, had to somehow get back to their owners.

"Everybody's wedding pictures mean a lot to them, so it just kind of broke my heart that somebody doesn't have their wedding pictures," Lockhart said.

A few days and Facebook shares later, an answer came.

"She says, 'I think this is you' and I said, 'that is us!'" said Sue Monteleone.

Florida residents Elvin and Sue Monteleone grew up in New Orleans and met during their junior year of high school. They say they try and come back to New Orleans as often as they can and during a recent trip back for Mardi Gras, they picked up some pictures to take home and show family.

"We put them in a plastic bag because that's all we had and I guess they slipped out of the bag while we were walking around," Elvin said.

"We're very glad they were found," Sue said.

The two photos left behind, they say, were from their wedding 48 years ago.

"These were just pictures that were taken at the reception and the picture showed Elvin and I getting ready to leave for our honeymoon," Sue remembered. "And then the other picture is one of myself with my mom, who is no longer with us. So I really am very happy to get that one back for sure."

The Monteleone's realize the situation could've ended differently.

"A lot of people walked past them and didn't bother to pick them up and I want her and her daughter to know how very much we appreciate it," Sue said. "They were sensitive and thoughtful enough to try and find us."

As they wait for the return of their photos, they can't help but smile.

"I've gotten quite a few posts of friends and family in New Orleans who think it's a beautiful story that the pictures will be returned to the rightful owners and we can't tell you how grateful we are because they're priceless to us," said Sue and Elvin. "We're thrilled and I hope to be able to thank that person personally and her daughter for seeing them on the ground and picking them up and we're just very excited to get them back in our hands."