NEW ORLEANS – Many fans are gearing up for Sunday’s game when the Saints take on the Miami Dolphins in London.

Before some fans go overseas, they stopped and shopped to make sure they have all the accessories needed for the game.

“Some sunglasses and a few other things. They're really like a surprise for my wife,” David Wright, Saints fan, said.

Others had to buy a jersey for their significant other.

“Peterson. That's what my husband wants, he gets the Peterson,” another Saints fan said.

While some fans are supporting the team, others were disappointed after the players protested during the national anthem. This is after players said the president’s remarks about firing them were disrespectful.

Fans have different opinions about when the Saints should protest.

“If they want to protest that's fine, if you don't that's fine as well. I like the idea that a lot of teams were unified in the protest," Saints fan Dawn Bordenave said.

"I don't think it's the right place or venue. We all have problems in New Orleans," Wright said.

While some fans decided to burn their jerseys, the owner of the Black and Gold Sports Shop says her Sunday sales were average during the regular season. She says even after the game, fans were buying gear like stickers, beads and sunglasses.

The owner hopes Americans can find some sense of unity.

"It was normal. Nothing has changed. I mean we were busy, we were busy after the game, we didn’t see any difference in anything. I hope for peace, don’t we all hope to love each one,” Pam Randazza, store owner, said.