METAIRIE, La. -- A Thursday afternoon adult art class in Old Metairie is not uncommon, but this is not about the student, rather the teacher.

Meet June Lampe. She teaches art class three times a week and every day climbs two flights of stairs to the apartment above her studio.

This fall, she'll turn 100.

Because the work is her passion for living, she paints almost every day and still produces marble sculptures that require a compressor and pnuematic sanding tools.

"I want to make them look like human beings first," she said.

But it is the five decades of teaching and the talent behind the easel that drives her.

"People, the challenge of bringing somebody forth that really is talented," Lampe said.

Just as she is, her award-winning encaustic style paintings have been sold around the world. The paintings have mood and texture.

In her studio there's only one rule and a word you will not use.

"Can't. There's no such word as 'can't' in this place," Lampe said.

For it appears at 99 she can do just about anything, and that makes June Lampe Naturally N'Awlins.