NEW ORLEANS -- As New Orleanians, you work with a passion to avoid them, but you can't.

They are potholes and they generally win.

"I would hit them, and the nerves would, like, hit up my neck, and I'd walk into a house and be like, does anybody else notice these potholes?" said artist John Bukaty. "'No, I'm used to it'"

But sitting at a red light in December, Bukaty had an idea – really, a joke at first – about a pothole that is art on a wall.

"I hear all sorts of stories about how people passionately hate them, and I've gotten so much feedback," he said.

So on Saturday in his Carondelet gallery, he'll unveil the NOLA Pothole Show, potholes that have been filled with a liquid that hardens to the exact shape of the inside.

A deep, blue one came from Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard.

Bukaty knows where they all came from. Big ones, shiny ones, deep ones, they're all here.

It begins with industrial foam that goes into the pothole, and as Bukaty would say, it is a quintessential example of beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

"Just to try and make it pretty," Bukaty said. "That's challenging enough when we started. How do you take a subject like that and make it pretty? But I also think you got to lighten up."

That's good, because Bukaty's not going to run out of subjects on this one, and sadly, that's Naturally N'awlins.