NEW ORLEANS -- Every dog has its day, and on July 23 it's a day for the hot dog.

To celebrate National Hot Dog Day here at the Dat Dog on Magazine Street, they let me create my own award winner, and it begins with alligator sausage. It's called the "Boss Hoss Dog.

After waiting six minutes for the perfect sear marks, it's bun time. It's a sweet heat combination, with Chicago relish, banana peppers, onions and the yellow mustard Dat Dog swirl.

But now the street test. Most people ran away, not surprisingly, but not all.

And Dat Dog today and beyond is going to help the organization Son of a Saint mentor fatherless kids.

"Starting today for the next calendar year, 50 cents of every chocolate milkshake sold at our Freret Street location will go to the Son of a Saint organization," said Jerry Reese II of Dat Dog.

It's a good dog for a good cause.