KENNER – Some neighbors in the Wood Lake subdivision in north Kenner say the platform explosion on Sunday shook their homes and rattled their windows.

Concerned residents called 911 and one family in particular, captured vivid images of the fire using a high-powered telescope which they keep in their home to look at the stars.

“We felt this very loud and tense and concussive blast,” Dr.Karl Hanson, Woodlake Subdivision resident and family medicine physician, said.

“My wife ran out to the back yard to find out what was going on. She could see the glow and the smoke coming from over the levee. Immediately at that time she thought the rig blew up,” Dr. Hanson said.

The natural gas platform did explode and like many in the area, the Hansons called 911 and they were one of the few that got a birds-eye view from their home on the third floor where they keep a high-powered telescope.

“Put the scope directly at the rig. We could see the fire, I did not see any personnel. I didn't see any people on the rig,” Dr. Hanson said.

Eventually the Hansons placed their cell phone cameras to the eyepiece of the telescope and captured vivid images of the fire.