NEW ORLEANS -- Neighbors are worried that a blighted house in Central City is presenting a safety hazard.

Michael Wong is thrilled to be living here.

"The neighborhood is great. It's super convenient, access like to I-10, and Magazine Street, St. Charles.”

However, when Wong looks across the street, something different crosses his mind.

“I mean, part of it is like it's beautiful, but then you know it is a safety hazard," he said.

A blanket of vines covers the rotting shotgun home across the street, as if hiding the corpse of a once beautiful structure.

"When it blooms it's lovely, but you know it is really only just being supported by the vines at this point,” Wong said.

Wong said the blighted house has been there for at least nine years. The roof appears to be failing, the wall boards are falling off the sides. Wong, an Atlanta native, is amazed at such long-term blight in the city he now loves.

"I don't think I've ever seen property like that in Atlanta,” Wong said. “I'm really surprised that it is left like that for this long, but I actually know from living in this neighborhood that there's just stuff that just sits for a long time."

This house is in such bad shape even the meter box is falling off, and there are badly termite eaten supporting studs on the home.

WWL-TV asked City Hall to take a look at the home. The City said they went out and inspected it, and found it was in danger of collapse. Now, the home is in the process of being torn down.

"I'd love for there to be a house there, or just like maintained vacant land,” Wong said. “Either one I'd be happy with that, just rather than people wandering in and squatting in the house and it catching on fire eventually."