NEW ORLEANS – Thieves will be looking to cash in on Cyber Monday. Both Amazon and U.S. Post Office are now taking steps to prevent delivery thefts.

The problem is having packages sit at your home when you aren’t there.

There are some options online shoppers can choose to make sure their packages get to them without the risk of being stolen.

Tips are as follows:

If you are having something delivered to them through the mail, you can actually have the post office hold it. It’s called ‘ship using hold for pickup” and then you can grab it when it’s in.

If you use Amazon, a similar option can be chosen, called Amazon lockers. The lockers are located at select Whole Foods in the area. Amazon will deliver your package to the locker and then you can pick it up at your convenience. The option is new this year since Amazon bought Whole Foods this August. You just select “pick up from Amazon locker” when checking out online and then the locations in your area pop up. You select the location you want and then it is shipped there. When the package is delivered, Amazon will text you a code. The code is then used to open the locker to get your package.