NEW ORLEANS - Since Houston's generosity after Hurricane Katrina was greatly appreciated, people in New Orleans say it's time to return the favor. On Monday, a fundraiser was held to help Texans in the service and hospitality industry get back on their feet.

With empty stomachs and hearts full of compassion, people came from around town and beyond to eat for a cause.

"We can't go to Houston, but this is something we can do to try to send money over there," said Northshore resident, Jennifer Connaughton.

"Any chance you get to have Shaya cooking, whether it's he or she, why would you not come out?" said resident Joe Adams. "And for a good cause? That's even better."

The event, hosted by local chefs Alon and Emily Shaya, was a red beans and rice dinner. 100 percent of the money raised will go to help Texas families in the hospitality industry recover from Harvey.

"People are showing up and we're excited to have everyone out here doing something great for New Orleans and doing something great for Houston," said Shaya. "We had 100 percent of everything you see here donated, so 100 percent of the proceeds are going to families in need."

Between the delicious food and fun games, people were heated up about lending a helping hand to Texas.

"It's a great thing to see how quickly everyone's come together, even way over here, to do something for people in need," said Connaughton. "It's heartbreaking to think of everything they'll go through over the months and years."

With a long road of recovery ahead, some residents, like Joe Adams, encourage others to do their part.

"Even though we're not actually there, raising money for those people is very encouraging," said Adams. "I hope everybody pitches in because I know how much it meant to my wife and I when we got help after Katrina."

The dinner helped raise thousands.

"We're at $12,000 right now," said Shaya. "That's before anyone walked in the door and bought tickets."

Diners left the event full, but say they're hungry for more and will continue to give any way they can.

"We just so want to do whatever we can to help them and to pay back for what they did for us," said Connaughton.

There's still a way to donate if you missed the event. A Venmo account was created for monetary donations: @dosomethingnice