NEW ORLEANS -- It seemed like mother nature was going to leave New Orleans out of the snow show, but about noon part of the city started seeing some snowflakes.

Debbie Guidry thought she'd seen most of the "snow" fall in the City.

"I'm going in for the day thank you very much," she told us as we were wrapping up our interview.

But that's when it really began to come down near Polk and Louis the 14th in Lakeview. Just a little after 1 p.m.

"C'mon Watson let's go walk in the snow," Guidry told her dog.

And the snow kept falling. We captured it as it stuck to rooftops, shrubs, and cars.

Some of the flakes were as big as a quarter. And it fell like that for a good 15 minutes.

"Unbelievable it was just pouring snow a little while ago," Billy Boudier a neighbor said.

The last time it snowed in New Orleans was about 10 years ago. Larry Barbe is another neighbor who came to snap a few pics. He didn't think it was that long ago.

"But you still have to come outside to photograph it and catch it," Barbe said.

Long ago or not, some say it's fascinating.

"Deep South, snow, it couldn't be any better," Boudier said.

The snow didn't seem to stick around for long, but Debbie Guidry seems to think it could be a good luck sign that will last.

"It's exciting because I think this is going to make the Saints go to the Super Bowl. Because the last time it snowed, we went to the Super Bowl the next year."

Here's to hoping.