NEW ORLEANS - The city is getting high praise after The New York Times released Wednesday its list of top places to visit this year.

If you're looking to travel somewhere, look no further than outside your front door.

"Everyone comes to the French Quarter, but the tourists don't know about City Park," said resident, Nina. "That's my happy place."

The New York Times announced on their website the Top 52 Places around the world people should visit in 2018. So what city received top honors?

"I probably should be saying New Orleans, but I'll say Barcelona," said James Roberson from Memphis.

"Was it New Orleans?" asked Natalie from Wisconsin. "It was New Orleans, really?"

It came as a surprise to many, but it's none other than the Crescent City. The New York Times states a variety of reasons for their decision, but between the music, food, culture and history there's nowhere else quite like it.

"We're a friendly city and there's always a parade for something," said Nina. "Always a party."

"I would guess there are so many different types of people who want to come here, there's a broad draw," said Wendy Konig from Tulsa.

A birthday celebration brought James Roberson and his wife in from Memphis. They've traveled all over, but Roberson says the magic of this city keeps them coming back.

"We've been coming down the past 35-40 years," he said. "There's a lot of stuff in New Orleans to see, a lot of history and I'm a history buff. I like those kind of things, enjoy talking to people, meeting people and New Orleans is a good place to do that.

So whether you're catching a parade, riding a streetcar down Canal, or eating in the Quarter, there's nowhere you can let the good times roll, except in New Orleans.

"The people, the food, the music, like no other," said Nina.

"Exciting, fun, a neat place, it might surprise you," said Konig.