NEW ORLEANS -- New surveillance cameras now keep watch over Bourbon Street.

Thursday morning city crews were seen installing new security cameras on Bourbon street near St. Louis street. The new cameras are part of the city's multi-million dollar attempt to make New Orleans safer.

Tourist Chad Wilson approves of the cameras.

"Coming from Ohio, I expect a great time and to be safe is something that I would want so, I think it's a great thing," Wilson said.

However Wilson's friend, Chad Howley can see why this new security can make many people nervous.

"A lot of people are skeptica, (about the) government," Howley said. "You know, who's watching what? What info do you have? Are you not allowed to walk down the street anymore on a nice Friday evening and just have some tequila?"

The new cameras are part of Mayor Mitch Landrieu's $40 million crime prevention plan, with $8 million allocated just for camera installation, equipment and signage. Robert Watters with the French Quarter Business Association said they have been waiting a long time for the extra security.

"We commissioned a study on cameras about four and a half years ago and kind of designed what a good camera system would look like in the French Quarter," Watters said,"So it's taken some time for the Mayor to find funding and for this to come into reality."

The new security measures came after two mass shootings on Bourbon Street. Those shootings in 2014 and 2016 killed two people, wounding 19 others. The funding for the plan is coming from both the city and the state-owned Morial Convention Center.

Watters wishes he could see more police patrolling Bourbon and the Quarter, but feels these cameras are a great addition.

"Any time that you have surveillance of people, it gives people the feeling that they're being watched and that their behavior improves," Watters said. "And, I think it's a great tool for detecting crime after it's occurred. And, I think that under certain circumstances you can monitor them and prevent crime."

City leaders said the cameras are currently being installed in 30 different locations throughout the city. Public safety installations will continue throughout the spring and will be monitored by public safety personnel from locations inside city facilities.

For more information on the New Orleans Crime Prevention Safety Investment Plan, click here.