NEW ORLEANS – Even though the outcome of the Saints game on Sunday was painful for Saints fans, getting into the Superdome was a smoother process.

Fans know the key to a good tailgate, but before getting to their seats they have to go through a new security measure. Fans will have to walk through new metal detectors that are stationed at every entry gate. They will be advised to leave their cell phones and other belongings in their pockets next to the metal detectors before going through.

“Actually, it's supposed to be faster than last year when we used hand-wanding. We are looking at a faster way for our fans to get into the building,” Farrow Bouton, director of public safety and event services at the Superdome, said.

Fans didn’t seem to mind at Sunday's game.

“I travel a little bit, and every venue I ever go to has that, so it is what it is. it makes you feel a little safer when you get inside,” one fan said.

Officials of the Superdome say the whole point is to make the games and fans safer.

“Anything they can do to make me feel safer, I’m all about,” another fan said.

“We always safe at the dome! It's home! You always got to feel safe at your home,” fan Derll Jefferson said.

For more information on the new metal detectors click here.