NEW ORLEANS – The day Jarrius “JJ” Robertson and his family have been waiting 14 years for has arrived.
“As a father and as a parent I prayed for this day, that this day would come” said father Jordy Robertson in a Facebook video.

Robertson posted the video just hours before his son, Saints fanatic Jarrius, was taken into the operating room to receive a new liver, with a thumbs up and his signature smile.

“He’s ready man, I must say I have a strong son and we’re going to keep going,” Robertson proclaimed.

After surgery, Robertson tweeted out “Surgery went GREAT! JJ is resting now with NEW, working liver.”

The 15-year-old battles a rare chronic liver disease, biliary atresia, that has caused him to have one liver transplant before.

Dr. J. Philip Boudreaux is with LSU Health Surgery and explained just how crucial the next 48 hours are for Jarrius.

Even though Jarrius’ journey has been a painful one, he still brings joy and a smile to every face around him.

“As we fight this long road, it’s a tough battle for us from here on out so I need everybody to stay focused with us. To lift us up in prayer and to fight with us,” said Robertson.