A family touched by violence in New Orleans falls victim again, this time 350 miles away in Texas.

O'Cyrus Breaux, who spent his early years in the Crescent City, was killed Monday when a stray bullet hit him in the stomach as he celebrated his 14th birthday with friends outside his home in north Houston.

Breaux's grandmother, Estelle Jackson, said police are still investigating where the bullet came from.

"They're assuming this was an accidental death," Jackson said.

Another shooting six years ago in New Orleans nearly killed O'Cyrus’ mother.

A gunman sprayed bullets into Ellen Breaux's parked car in the 1500 block of North Prieur in the 7th ward in June 2011.

She was shot four times. Her boyfriend was killed.

Breaux moved O'Cyrus and his two brothers to Houston after the shooting.

Her twin sister said the decision to leave New Orleans was one meant to remove her children from a violent area.

"She tried to move to give her boys a better life, " Naomi Breaux said. "Just get away from New Orleans. Let me save my kids because there's so much that happens out here."

As Houston police investigate O'Cyrus' death, his family is making plans to bring his body back to New Orleans to be be buried.

"This is home," Jackson said. "This is home."

The teen's family members are heartbroken.

"I've cried so much, I don't have anymore tears,” Jackson said. “I'm at the point now that I'm just angry. It hurts me to my heart."

Naomi Breaux said her nephew was happy and full of life. "The sweetest child ever. Everybody who came across O'Cyrus, they knew the type of person he was. This hurts so bad for everyone to see him gone like this."

The family opened a gofundme account to raise money to help cover burial expenses: https://www.gofundme.com/ocyrus-breaux-s-funeral-services.