NEW ORLEANS -- At Champions Square in front of a sold out crowd, Jason Aldean returned to the stage performing in his first outdoor concert since the Las Vegas shooting.

Country music fans came from all over, excited about Thursday night's concert. Jason Aldean's performance in New Orleans is part of his 'They Don't Know' tour.

"I think it's the people, the environment, there's nothing like country fans," said friends Hailee Harris and Sky Hansen.

It's been nearly four weeks since Aldean's last outdoor show, where the Las Vegas shooting occurred. Fifty-eight people were killed, hundreds of others hurt.

"I know he took some time off," said Tammy Richards. "It had to be devastating. I feel for him. I guess I'd be pretty shaken up after seeing something like that."

The concert was sold out, so like with any concert, officials say they did what they could to make sure all went smoothly. That included metal detectors, bag checks and law enforcement patrolling the area. A procedure that has been implemented for some time. Fans say they weren't concerned when it came to safety.

"Not at all," Wells said. "New Orleans is always good with their security. I'm not worried."

Champions Square officials spoke with those at Benson Tower and the Hyatt about security. SMG General Manager, Alan Freeman, says Jason Aldean's Security Manager was included and everyone was on board. The safety measures were welcomed by fans, but some still came with their own plan.

"I feel like security right now is better than it's ever been because I know they're extra cautious," said Charlene Blades. "When we get in I'm going to be aware of where I'm at, who's around me, and know my exit points."

As the crowd went in, many were thankful for the opportunity. Saying they'll keep the victims from that tragic incident in Las Vegas close to their hearts.

"The best thing was Jason Aldean coming back and having something to say," said Needham. "He's still performing you know? We're not going to give up on him and he's not going to give up on us."

Aldean's tour continues Saturday, Oct. 27 in Tupelo, Mississippi.