NEW ORLEANS -- French Quarter residents had a startling wake-up call Tuesday morning.

“I saw them running getting their rifles and putting on bullet proof vests so I kind of fled away from the scene,” Ashley Logan described. It’s the last thing she said she expected to see while out for a morning walk in the French Quarter.

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Snipers took aim at an apartment in the 800 block of Bourbon Street where they said 8th District officers responded to a wellness call about 9 a.m. Tuesday. When officers knocked and there was no answer, SWAT was called out to make a forceful entrance.

“Upon S.O.D making their entrance into the location they discovered that one person was down and also located another person in the residence as well,” Jimmie Turner, NOPD homicide commander explained. 

Police said the two men were roommates. One man was pronounced dead on the scene, the other taken into custody and taken away in an ambulance to an area hospital for a precautionary medical examination.

“Right now all we know is he sustained from his injuries and that it was some sort of trauma but as of now we haven’t been able to examine the body fully,” said Turner.

What is known is the French Quarter community is shaken.

“Unfortunately, two lives were changed," said Arthur Severio who said he’s known the victim since he was 17. "A lot of lives were changed in one moment."

He described the victim was always pleasant.

“Very nice guy, very classy, very southern gentlemen from New Orleans. A nice guy,” described Severio.

Billy Robinson and his wife said it’s disturbing to hear about something like this happening in this neighborhood and to one of their friends he has known for 20 years.

“Everybody has issues but you don’t want to ever let it get to the point where something like this can happen and it turns into violence and there’s death involved that’s what s so sad,” said Robinson.

The name of the victim and man taken into custody have not yet been released.