NEW ORLEANS -- The Sewerage & Water Board said about 8 inches of rain fell in Mid-City causing heavy flooding, and this is the second time the North Broad Street corridor has flooded in as man weeks. Homes, businesses and vehicles also flooded July 22.

"It is very frustrating," said Kim Krivjanick, who owns Ricard's paper and chemical owner.

Frustrating is the one word people keep using to describe how they feel today about flood cleanup. A lot of homeowners and business owners forced to clean up after Saturday’s heavy flooding. Two days ago, Broad Street looked more like a lake. A lot of people want to know why this keeps happening.

"I was in shock. I was expecting for the floor to be a little wet but I wasn’t expecting to throw away desks, printers and electronic equipment," said Paul Irons as he was cleaning.

And Paul isn’t the only one cleaning up. Lots of people getting rid of thousands of dollars worth of stuff. If you drive around Mid-City, it’s hard to find a block without someone trying to clean out their cars, air out their cars or get rid of everything that’s been damaged.

"We probably lost both of our cars. I know we lost one," said David Phillips, Mid-City resident. "It looked like a war zone."

Water rushed into buildings and stayed there for hours leaving marks on the wall and on furniture showing how high the water rose. And so many people have the same question: how did this happen?

"What's going on," asked Paul. "Something’s going on and I feel that we aren’t being told the full story about what’s going on."

"It makes it very scared to think what are we going to face if anything like a real something should happen. We can’t seem to handle it," added Kim.