ABITA SPRINGS - A local controversy is brewing involving the right to carry a gun.

The Abita Springs Board of Aldermen began looking into the concept of public employees carrying weapons on the job at its committee meeting this week. It involves researching the town's insurance policy, state gun statutes and human resources policies.

But the conversation about the topic on social media has ballooned into concerns about an attempt to ban guns on town property, by anyone, altogether.

The alderman behind the research, Dan Curtis, says it is simply about determining the town's liability and possibly setting up needed policies to protect it.

"This is all just exploratory," he said, "Nobody wants to take anybody's right to carry a gun in Abita. That's not what we're looking for. This is more directed toward employees of the town."

Curtis says he may provide an update on the research at the next committee or board meeting, but right now, there is nothing official on the agenda.