COVINGTON- A tool case here and a box of equipment there led to a very suspicious arrival to Hollywood South Auto Brokers Saturday morning.

Low and behold, surveillance video showed two guys wandering all over the Highway 190 property in Covington collecting tools and parts, possibly to steal, until owner Russell Huber believes they spotted his cameras, then dropped everything.

"Highly furious. I work hard for this. We all do. It's not just mine, my mechanic's parts as well you know," he said.

After looking at the video, Huber decided instead of sending it to police, he was going to send it to the sleuths of Facebook for a different approach.

His post read: "$500 reward for the names or location of these thieves. Do not call the police."

"Everybody knows everybody," he said, "I have young sisters, so when I posted, they're gonna see and so it didn't even take 20 minutes."

Huber was able to get two names, addresses and phone numbers. But he still didn't call authorities. He called the men directly.

"Told them I wanted them to come here, apologize, talk about maybe detailing cars and such, but mainly I wanted to talk, an apology and a handshake and I'll never do this again," Huber said.

Both showed the next day for a face-to-face lecture and a little cleaning around the property.

"Them being young, they really needed more of a talking to from somebody that's closer to their age," said Huber, "Stuff he won't hear in the court system. We've all been in trouble, I have over here, it's tough on kids, they get branded."

While Huber, and law enforcement, don't advise others to take similar actions, Huber is asking people to consider opportunities that present themselves to help others instead of hurt them back.

"If I can just help one, that's a big deal to me," he said.

As for that $500 reward, Huber says the person who submitted the names declined to take the money.