COVINGTON -- The chapel hour at St. Scholastica Academy took on new meaning Wednesday as two of the school's four pillars, prayer and community, began sharing the same space.

"When we got on campus Monday, girls were already asking, 'What are we going to do, what can we do?" said Campus Ministry Leader Colin MacIver. "And we had already seen that really Sunday evening on social media, there was just a lot of buzz about how are we going to respond to this thing."

That thing is the devastation, continuing and growing still, from Hurricane Harvey.

"I think it really resonated a lot with of us, because we wanted to help and we've been impacted ourselves by the flooding," said Senior Margaret Baglow.

So the school kicked off a supplies donation drive to supplement the work going on at the Northshore Food Bank. The effort has found student support from outside the campus too.

"We'll be stuffing buses out of St. Scholastica, St. Paul's, Hannan and also Pope John Paul in Slidell," MacIver said.

St. Jane de Chantal in Abita Springs is collecting cleaning supplies, toiletries and essential liquids.

Parishioners are hoping to help with the long road to recovery that they know all too well is ahead for Harvey victims.

"Just think of it this way; If we were impacted, what would we have appreciated others doing for us, and just flip that over," said Retired Deacon Franz LaBranche. "It's now our turn to help them."

"It always feels good when other people from around the country are coming together to help you in your worst time," said Church Collection Coordinator Alison Laguaite.

The church parish at Mary Queen of Peace in Mandeville feels the same way and is showing it.

"We knew we really needed to reach out to our parishioners and we knew they would respond generously and they have," said Karen Baker.

The school donation drive does not currently have a deadline, but they do expect the needs to change as the emergency in Texas changes.

St. Scholastica will share those new needs on its social media page as they become known.