WASHINGTON PARISH – A couple is in jail Thursday after deputies say a man hit his mother during a table game.

According to authorities, Kurtis Strong, 38, and his mother were playing table games when the two began to argue. The man’s girlfriend, 38-year-old Venus Camacho, is accused of hitting Strong's mother during the fight.

Deputies said Camacho grabbed Strong's mother by the neck and threw her to the floor. That's when deputies said Strong grabbed a cast iron skillet and threw it at his mother, hitting her in the head.

A second woman tried to stop the fight but was hit in the chest, deputies said. The woman called the police and said Strong and Camacho ran from the home into the woods.

Both were found and arrested.

“It is unimaginable to think that a grown man would physically assault his mother,” said Sheriff Randy Seal.

Strong lives with his mother on Penn’s Chapel Road. He was booked with various counts of battery and strangulation.

Camacho, who also lives in the home, was booked with battery.