Officials at the Slidell Airport say a man rammed a gate before crashing into a telephone pole and fleeing into a wooded area Wednesday morning.

Airport Director Richie Artigue tells Eyewitness News that the man ran into the woods to hide from police. Artigue said the man took off his clothes when a snake climbed up his pants.

A spokesperson for the Slidell Police Department said the man was caught lying in the middle of a street in the Bel Air subdivision wearing only underwear. He will be booked with hit and run.

Police say it is unclear who the man was running from as there was no actual police pursuit. Investigators say it is believed the man was under the influence of a drug.

Slidell Police did not release the man's name at this time.

Officials say the Slidell Airport is still open for business.

Monday’s incident is not the first time something strange has happened on the Slidell Airport’s property. In August, a Mississippi man was arrested after spinning ‘donuts’ in a pickup truck on the airport’s runway.

The man later told police that he was “just being stupid.”