A Lacombe woman spent her last few hours trying to get away from an ex-boyfriend who wound up shooting her to death.

"I guess he comes around the road and jumps against this ditch right here, you see his footprints are right there," Rickey Landor said.

28-year-old Krystle Landor's family is in disbelief that she is dead.

"She didn't know John was going to come from around the fence here out in the woods and shoot her," Delilah Landor, her mother said.

Landor's mother says her daughter should still be alive because she did everything she could to be protected from her abusive and mentally ill ex-boyfriend, 36-year-old John Malveaux.

"She got restraining orders on him, she got cameras at her house. Every time he broke into her house, they never could catch up with him. Maybe a couple times they caught up with him; when he had an AK-47 gun when the SWAT team had him."

The shooting happened around 11 p.m. on Sunday. The St. Tammany Sheriff's Office says Landor called 911 for help to report her ex-boyfriend, who she had a restraining order against, was spotted in a truck near her home. When deputies arrived she had already been shot and was rushed to the hospital.

Deputies found a truck matching Malveaux's truck on the highway in Slidell. The driver of the truck led authorities on a chase to Pearl River where Malveaux ran into a home and shot himself.

"I feel the justice system helped kill my daughter," Bernard Palmer, Landor's father, said.

Palmer says she worked hard at two jobs to take care of her family, and she deserved better protection from the law.

"A convicted felon with a gun, and a mental patient; four days he's back out on the streets. A couple weeks he comes back out and killed my daughter."

Family members say Malveaux should not have been allowed to get out of jail once he made threats against Landor with a gun last month.

"I'm heartbroken. We not sleeping, the family, it's terrible, she had three kids," Cordena Batiste, her aunt said.

Landor's family says they will stay strong for her three kids, which includes a son by John Malveaux.

"And it hurts, this child keep saying, Jesus came and got his mama," Angela Young, another aunt, said.