PEARL RIVER - A family of six, with three young children, are now homeless just before Christmas.

Their trailer on North 3rd Street in Pearl River caught fire Tuesday with everyone home at the time.

Nettie Victor says she, her 3-year-old daughter, her 63-year-old father, her sister and her two children - a 12-year-old boy and 8-month-old girl - were in the kitchen when they noticed the house seemed smoky.

"I checked the fire place to see if the thing was open for the smoke to go out, and it was," said Victor, "So something told me to touch the door so I touched my dad's room door and it was hot."

That back bedroom, where the family patriarch normally would have been sleeping at that time, was engulfed in flames, which quickly spread through the rest of the trailer as the family scrambled to escape.

While firefighters are still investigating the cause, they say it's possible a space heater was too close to a bed. They also say while the home had smoke detectors, there were no batteries inside.

"We lost everything. All of our clothes, all of our Christmas toys, we don't have anything," said Victor, who was wearing only one sock while her toddler was making do wearing a pair of her grandmother's shoes, "Nothing but what we have on right now."

"This is a very hurtful feeling," said relative Laura Acker, "Like we're living it all over again."

Acker lost her home in a fire in 2013 while she and her children were at a church service. She says an Eyewitness News report back then helped her get back on her feet quickly.

"I just had an overflow of support from the community. Not just my community where I lived at, just all over. And I hope that that happens this time," she said.

Family has stepped up already with some clothes and a crammed, but warm space at a relative's house nearby.

The Victors are hopeful the Christmas spirit moves the community to help them start moving past the tragedy.

The Red Cross is also assisting, but if you're interested in helping the family as well, below are details about clothing sizes and a contact for the family:

Women's size 18, shoes 11
Women's size 12, shoes 8
Girl size 7-8, 11 child's shoe
Boy size 14, 6 1/2 shoe
Baby girl 9 months old
Men's size 34, shoes 11

Contact Laura at 985-710-0770.