PONCHATOULA - Two-year-old Nora Strohmeyer innocently snuck a grape from a fruit tray at her family home but began to choke as the grape lodged in her throat.

What began as a hungry child seeking a treat ended well but not before teamwork from the Ponchatoula Police Department, a Baton Rouge firefighter, ambulance and emergency personnel, and doctors.

A Facebook post by Ponchatoula Police said that as Nora began choking, her uncle, Baton Rouge firefighter Brennan Hood, attempted the Heimlich Manuever and CPR in an effort to aid the child.

Between the efforts of Hood, Ponchatoula Police and medical personnel on the scene, Nora's airway was opened enough for her to breath as she was rushed to the hospital.

Ponchatoula Police provided an escort to the hospital since Nora was in critical condition.

Once at the hospital, doctors were able to extract the grape and her vital signs returned to normal. The post by Ponchatoula Police said she is expected to make a full recovery.

“Everyone involved is family now to our daughter,” said Nora’s father Brett Strohmeyer. The family later brought cakes to the police department, Ponchatoula Vol. Fire Dept, Acadian Ambulance and Tangipahoa Parish 911 as a show of their appreciation.

“As always, I am proud of the quick response and professionalism of my Officers,” said Chief Bry Layrisson. “Their training and ability to perform under strenuous conditions contributed to saving this child’s life. As a father myself, I am grateful this family still has their baby girl.”