SLIDELL - He is one of New Orleans’ most prolific guitarists, but Bryan Stoltz said thieves made away with a guitar collection he spent a lifetime building.

Stoltz said he remembers one of the first ones that he bought.

“There was a Sunburst Stratocaster hanging up on the wall,” he said.

"So, I saved up for it, and I used to bug those guys (in the store) and ask them all kinds of questions,” he said.

He says thieves broke into his storage unit in Slidell and stole most of the instruments he’s bought over the years. He now only has a few that were left at home.

He says he has not tallied up the cost of the guitars and equipment he lost. More than 50 pieces of instruments and gear are gone. Some of the pieces missing include: '75 Gibson "Les Paul Custom" Solid Body Electric, a '68 Gibson "Dove" Acoustic Guitar Cherry Sunburst.

“I spent a lot of time picking pieces that you know I couldn't get anywhere else,” he said.

Stolz says he is not the only one at the Cubesmart facility on 1709 Gause Boulevard that had their unit broken into. Slidell Police say 7-10 other units were also burglarized.

One unit had about eight guns stolen. They say the facility lacked security features and has had a series of break-ins since November.

Stolz said that he has learned to upgrade where he keeps his things and is trying not to be blue. He says he hopes to rebuild his collection.

Many instruments and gear that were stolen have Stolz’s name on it. Anyone with information on the theft or any others at the storage facility is asked to call Slidell Police at 985-643-1313.