ABITA SPRINGS- Christmas 2017 is shaping up to be a soggy one for Chris Todd.

While his decorations are doing their best not to float away in his front yard, he's trying to come up with a game plan to attack the water in the back.

While a sewer manhole cover spews water into the street, the bath tub is doing the same in his Manor Street home, less than a mile outside of the town limits of Abita Springs off of Highway 36.

"I don't think two days worth of rain really you should have to worry about putting out sandbags, but we might have to tonight," he said.

Todd says it's not the first time he and his neighbors have faced these frustrations over flooding in the two years since he's lived here. On other streets, some ditches have a flow while others sit stagnant, even though breaks in the rain have allowed time for some draining.

"This is worse than it's ever been really," said Alan Knight. "Before it seemed it used to run. Now it doesn't seem to want to go anywhere."

A little ways down Highway 36, the beer garden at the Abita Brewery is full of water instead of fun.

Twenty-year resident Lynn Fritscher says she's been fighting the area flooding for too long without enough being done about it, especially adjusting the drainage system's capacity to keep up with growth.

"The problem is so massive they need to do an overall engineering study to figure out where the water should go and it's not going," she said.

The parish did send a team out to assess the neighborhood's complaints soon after Eyewitness News called Monday.

While residents acknowledge action by the parish in the past, they're hoping this time, it's treated as a system-wide issue with a system-wide solution to follow.