ROSELAND -- More than 200 dogs at the Raven Woods Animal Sanctuary have been there far too long, but that could change this weekend.

Some came injured, ill, abandoned, surrendered and scarred.

"We take dogs that no one else wants," said volunteer Leila Baldridge, "We don't discriminate against breeds, ages, health. We take any dog that needs us."

The no-kill organization does its best to make the animals feel loved while they're spayed, neutered and medically cared for.

It's why they were chosen to participate in this weekend's nationwide effort called "Free the Shelters," where PRAI Beauty picks up the tab for all adoption fees so some of the animals will be picked up and given a good home.

"We do the very best we can to give them a good quality of life, but nothing takes the place of having a family of your own." Baldridge said.

The goal is not just to find homes for all of these animals, but it's to make room to be able to help even more.

"We have many more dogs than it's been possible to find homes for," Baldridge said. "And we're very hopeful that maybe people who could not afford the adoption fee will be encouraged to come out and look at the dogs, choose a dog to be part of their family."

The sanctuary will be open from 10a - 4p Saturday (Sept. 9) and Sunday (Sept. 10) for adoptions.

The address is 66239 Highway 1058 in Roseland.

The phone number is 601-831-0779.