KENNER -- Some say it's a political race that will serve as a preview to the upcoming Jefferson Parish Sheriff's election.

The Jefferson Parish Council District 4 seat showdown between Danny Martiny and Dominick Impastato is blazing into Saturday's election day with back and forth jabs.

Impastato started the final campaign day at the ribbon cutting for Kenner's first dog park. It was a project he pushed as a City Councilman. He says that's the kind of public response he wants to bring to the Parish Council in the District 4 seat.

"I hope that what they understand is that as hard as I've worked to win this, that's as hard as I'm going to work after I win," he said.

Martiny, a state senator, made one of his last campaign day stops at a place he says helped him get his start in politics: Claude's Barber Shop. He's hoping to continue his reputation for bringing people together through tough issues as District 4's councilman.

"It's just up to the people, ya know," Martiny said. "If they want somebody that's going to work hard for them as I have for the last 22, 23 years, than I'm your guy."

But in the last few weeks, both campaigns have steered away from promoting the positive of each candidate to pointing out the negative of the other.

The attacks range from questioning connections to cutting down accomplishments.

"Frankly I felt like we had an obligation to the public to make sure the public understood from a records standpoint, from a factual standpoint, from a campaign finance standpoint, exactly who I was running against," Impastato said.

"I have respected the process and tried to stay within the lines," Martiny said. "If people interpret my questioning of his distortion of my record as being negative, I'm sorry."

Though the campaign fight is raging in this race, both parties are on the same page when it comes to pushing people to the polls.