MT. HERMON -- Every time Mandi Boyd walks into her son's room, the hole in the wall, inches above where he sleeps, gives her chills.

"Sometimes, I have a lot of anxiety before going to sleep," she said tearfully. "It came so close to my little boy."

Many people in the Mt. Hermon community have a hard time shaking off the memories of that April night when more than two dozen homes and vehicles were shot up.

The drive-by shootings resulted in tens-of-thousands of dollars in damage, while the near-misses left many feeling unsafe in their own homes.

Authorities' best suspect description was just two men in a white pick-up truck.

In the past three months, dozens of tips have come in to detectives and authorities have ruled out several potential suspects. The community has also raised $6,000 for a reward, part of that coming straight from the sheriff's pocket.

However, none of that has turned up any leads to move the case forward.

"I know they have followed multiple leads and they've been good about updating us, but you can't follow a lead that you don't have," Boyd said.

"We believe that sooner or later --and we hope for sooner -- that we're going to stumble upon a good lead or somebody's going to slip up and give us something that'll give some insight into who it might be," said Washington Parish Sheriff's Office Chief Deputy Mike Haley. "And when we find that out, we're certainly going to pursue that with all of our vigor."

So the residents here are, once again, turning to each other and their neighboring communities to step up with any helpful information, so that families like Boyd's can return peace and comfort to their homes.

If you have any information that can help authorities solve this case, call them in to the Washington Parish Sheriff's Office at 985-839-3434, or directly to Lt. Tom Anderson at 985-661-2024.

As mentioned, there is a $6,000 reward for any tips that lead to an arrest. Tips can be anonymous.