LORANGER, La. -- Joshua Scott knows the work it takes to raise cattle and manage a farm.

That's why he, and the Tangipahoa Parish Cattlemen's Association, are sad to see the devastation unfolding across Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas from fast-moving and fierce wildfires. Estimates are that more than two million acres of land have burned, killing thousands of livestock and leaving hundreds of families homeless.

"You figure some of these guys basically are starting over from nothing," Scott. said. "Some people lost whole calf crops and whole sets of cows. It's just a tremendous loss. People lost equipment, houses, hay barns."

The organization flashed back to their own crisis with the floods last year and have decided to start a donation drive.

"We received help and they're in a time of need up there so why not try to help them out the best way we can," Scott said. "They were willing to help us so why not be willing to help them."

The donation drive centers around five or six items that are focused on feeding and containing remaining livestock. The list includes feed, hay, protein blocks, mineral tubs, milk replacer and fencing materials.

The giving has already begun.

"We actually did help out with the flood also," said Luke Varisco with Dairy and Beef Consulting, "Then Josh told us about the fire and such and so we wanted to help them out."

"It really is a great feeling to know that other people out there kind of feel the same way and are willing to make the contributions to be able to help out other people in need," Scott said.

The organization is hoping to have enough collected to make a trip to the mid-west next week, with the goal of that trip becoming the first of many in this effort of farmers helping farmers.

If you'd like to donate items, money or resources, contact the Tangipahoa Parish Cattlemen's Association President Julius Scott at 985-969-2065 or board member Josh Scott at 985-590-7503.